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A love of the great outdoors (whatever the weather) and the purchase of two Minature Schnauzers in 2011 have resulted in this career path.


Although always having dogs and cats around the house throughout my younger life, things changed completely for my wife and I when the Schnauzers arrived. Weekends became less about shopping, eating out and socialising and more about getting out and about the North West with the dogs and meeting likeminded people. Holidays changed from sitting around the pool on the Med in favour of long Cornish coastal walks.


It's during this time I feel I have developed skills which lend themselves to looking after your pet. During walks I always apply a cautious approach, I have a good awareness to sense danger and avert confrontation. Also, ensuring your dog never eats anything unwanted off the ground is a priority. Most of all though, your dog will get loads of attention, with lots of interaction and plenty of affection.


I am physically fit, ensuring I would never be overawed or taken for a walk myself.


I have recently completed a clean DBS check and can provide a hard copy if required.